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Bombshell Short 39

for model :

Sportster XL EVO 1991 - 2017

726,00 €

EMD/Bombshell Fork Head “Short” for diameter 1,53” ( 39mm) fork tubes
- For  Sportsters XL Evo (and Bobber/Choppers applications)
- Directly inspired by the Design of the European telescopic forks from the golden age of the choppers, and for all fans of the  "Vintage" style! 
- With this BOMBSHELL fork head EMD offers you today a completely new and innovative product, mixing Factory, British and German style.
- 8,3/8” Mid-width (larger than a XL OEM fork)
- To easily install a 16 inches front wheel!
- The BOMBSHELL  Fork Head "Short" includes the triple tree and the fork boots in a single piece: an innovative EMD concept. 
- The steering column axle (as well as the fork boots in one piece ) are a EMD patented product
- The BOMBSHELL Fork Head "Short" is delivered in maximum length of  10,5/8” = 270mm  
- We recommend also the installation to be done by a properly equipped Professional.
- For any technical question: don't hesitate to contact us: contact.emd@orange.fr
- Fits perfectly all 8,3/8” fork tubes and XL Evo or Dyna fork-legs from 91-17
- Our EMD / BOMBSHELL "Short" Fork-Head for Sportsters XL ( or Dyna) will install in place of your original fork-tree and radically change the look of the front of your bike. 
- Manufactured in die cast aluminum, CNC machining, Dimensions and tolerances identical to the OEM parts, complete with Steering Column and special parts
- Neck Hardware and steering stoppers provided. New front wheel axle and axle spacers not included, please order separately
- Finish available in “Raw”, “Semi-polished”, “Black” and “Black Cut”
- Exclusive product designed and manufactured in France by Esteves Motorcycles Design . "Killer Parts for your Iron Horse"

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