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Snatch Clutch Gearbox Cover 5 speed FXR

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207,60 €

EMD / Snatch Ribsters Clutch / Gearbox Cover
- Fits all 5 Speed OEM Gearboxes for EVO FXR 
- “Ribbed” Snatch Design directly inspired by the finned primary covers from the golden age of Choppers
- Our EMD / Ribsters Snatch Clutch install in place of your OEM Clutch / Gearbox Cover and will radically change the look of the right side of your FXR.
- The real alternative to the “Billet” style, cold, rigid and old fashioned…
- Your FXR will finally have the soul and the charisma of yesteryear Knuckle, Pan and Shovelheads. 
- Of course there will not go faster but it will be a guaranteed "badass" look!
- Manufactured in die cast aluminum, CNC milled gasket surface
- Dimensions and tolerances identical to your OEM hardware
- Seals Kit  NOT SUPPLIED: please order separately
- Finish available in: Raw / Black / semi polished / Black Contrast Cut
- Exclusive product designed and manufactured in France by Esteves Motorcycles Design . "Killer Parts for your Iron Horse"

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